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Getting started

How does Gatho work

After signing in with your email, create an event and add your party details, such as title, description, time and place.

Add each of your guests to the guestlist and send them their personalised invitation link via whichever platform they prefer. When they follow their link they will be able to update their RSVP status without signing up.

Matrix integration

Gatho works great standalone, but it can also integrate with a Matrix group chat.

The Gatho Bot can track specific emoji reactions to a message asking for RSVPs, and then update Gatho with the RSVP status of those people. The 👍️ emoji corresponds to "going", 🤔 corresponds to "maybe", and 👎️ corresponds to a "can't go" RSVP.

Matrix is a open source, federated chat network with dozens of compatible apps - a bit like how a Gmail user can Email a Hotmail user. Download a Matrix compatible chat app (like Element) to get started.

Once you add the Gatho bot ( to your Matrix room it will send a message with a "magic" link to associate the chat with your existing Gatho event (or create a new one).

Invite guests into your chat, and after someone reacts with one of the above emoji on a message, all reactions to that message will be followed by the Gatho bot and synchronised to your event.

Currently the bot only supports unencrypted Matrix rooms, however this will change soon. The bot is open source (GNU GPL V3) on Github