Invite friends to your event with a one-click RSVP link - no matter which chat/social app they use!

Screenshot of an event on Gatho

Simple sign up to host, RSVP without an account

Add each of your guests to the guestlist and send them their personalised invitation link via their preferred social app (eg. Instagram / Signal / SMS / Element / WhatsApp).

When they follow their link they can click a button to confirm their attendence (RSVP) - without signing up. Though of course - they might sign up to host their next event on Gatho!

Optionally sync with your Matrix group chat

Write your invitation message in a Matrix chat, and ask your guests to react with a thumbs up or down. The Gatho bot will add those guests and sync their status to the Gatho event page.

Screenshot of inviting friend over SMS, maybe multiple screenshots of different streams